To Staff - Flag Reversal

To Staff only: can I have my post that was flagged reversed please? There is absolutely no reason that my post was flagged and it is abuse by people.

No wonder infinite flight removed the report button, it got abused, and the same people that abused the in game report button are the same people on here that are now abusing the flag button.

PM the moderators instead of making a public post please :)


Can I PM them? Could you please teach me how? Thanks.

Yes, you can. click on your profile, and select the little “mail” symbol. Open a draft and address the post to @moderators. Alternatively, you can click on @moderators and press “message”.

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A joke about Pearl Harbor is the hill you’re willing to die on? (No, I wasn’t one who flagged it, just asking.)


Pearl Harbor is not an airport. Ford Island (Located in Pearl Harbor) is a former military instillation that had an airport. Commercial air service never served these place. Flag will remain. Have a good day!