To Report or Not to Report?

Good morning,

I’m a very relaxed IF player, I’ve been known go goof off from time to time. However last night I reported somebody for the first time ever. I didn’t want to do it but this guy was annoying me to no end.

I was flying to JFK in a B6 A321 at FL320 at M .80. I passed under a 757 who was at FL 340 cruising at his own leisurely pace. After I passed under him he rapidly descended to my flight level and accelerated to catch me. He got very close, so I accelerated to M.86. I pulled away from him for a few minutes before he climbed up and then dove at me again. I checked his flight plan and although we were going to the same place we had two different paths. As I turned to my next waypoint he turned to follow me. After about 10 minutes of him flooring it to inch closer to me I finally reported him. He disappeared shortly after.

Did I do the right thing or did I overreact?

Cheers guys.


Hi there. Not to worry. You didn’t report him as reporting has been disabled on the training and casual servers. You’re only able to report a pilot when you’re ATCing on the expert server. 🙂


Ah, good to know! I do feel a bit better.

So only IFATC controllers can report? Good to know that some crazy troll on the training server isnt reporting me for refusing to turn into a mountain. ( I was on my approach and a controller signed on and tried to give me vectors to turn away from LAX and descend to 1,000 into a massive mountain.) But what is the difference between a ATC controller on the Expert Server reporting someone and just ghosting them? In a way, they kinda would be reporting to themselves, unless I am missing the point. Any replies appreciated!


Reporting and ghosting is the same thing, that should clear up a majority of your question.


You did the exact right thing. If someone is disturbing you well then just report them. The point of Infinite flight is to have fun.


Thanks, that cleared up my question.

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This isn’t some big psychological conundrum, just press that report button lel.


As previously mentioned, pressing “Report” will only be psychologically soothing as the “Report” button only works for IFATC and moderators.


So there he goes. Report away


Haha, “psychological conundrum.” No, I simply just don’t want to be “that guy.” I’ve had some rough encounters with the IF Group on Facebook. Somebody once made a post about reporting someone (for an admittedly far less reason than my post) and he got ripped to shreds.

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