To much reserve fuel at fpltoif

Hello! How come when I do my flight plan at how come they give me like 40,000 kg of reserve fuel, enough to fly another 8 hours in an A350, why so much (reserve fuel is on auto)

Because it’s randomly setting it to the FAA guidelines, which would be 45 minutes - on this website, that’s way too much. I select 15 minutes and it’s fine.

Ok! I will now set it to 15mins @Altaria55

You need to turnoff alternate airport too, that’s why you may take so much fuel. It’s as realistic as it gets but we don’t need that much fuel much of the time.

Check your alternate airport. In some flight plans e.g SFO to Tahiti, the alternate was initially set to KSFO which required tankering of fuel, but I fixed it by choosing NCRG(2h from PPT) as my alternate.

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I was wondering the same thing! But now I know why. Thanks for the help guys :)

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