To much lag

What happened??after the hotfix the sim ran perfect now it is 100% unplayable
On the lowest settings possible

Sorry to say, but I am playing Xplane10 global till this gets fixed

Does it still lag when you restart your device?

Ever flight I restart clear RAM
I do everything on that performance page thing

What device are you using?

i phone 7 @infiniteflight_17

Lag means different things to different people. Where are you seeing it, when do you see it, and what is happening.

Where you are flying can also impact it as well as your network at the time.

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But every place I fly it has like 10 FPS if I am lucky

and when I say lag, I mean low FPS and high Ping

Where in Infinite Flight are you seeing your ping?

My Ping is the most high when I am trying to switch Cams views
like cockpit to wing, it sometimes takes almost 10 seconds, that is 10,000 ping

What is your graphics settings set to?

All my Settings are on low
except the textures on medium

What about Anti Aliasing and Low Power Mode
Does it happen on Solo?

Anti Aliasing is off
low power mode is always off when I play IF
It sometimes happens on solo

Where do you see FPS and ping??

You just know

Not really the answer I was looking for but ok

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Were you on Wifi or Cellular?

I am on Wifi

Does it only occur on a specific aircraft, or on all of them? Try a plane without a live cockpit, such as the B744.

Without a video showing what you are seeing it may be hard to pinpoint.

The 7 is an older device and if you are flying or spawn into an airport with a lot of traffic you may experience a delay.