To Make it More Realistic

To make my flight more realistic, (Android) I use IFAssistant, Infinite Passangers, and IF checklists. All downloadable at the Playstore.

IFAssistant - Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it’s takeoff callouts like “V₁”, “Rotate!”, or “Positive Rate”, or whether it’s warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gears.

Infinite Passengers - Infinite Passengers adds the elements of airline fleet, passenger satisfaction and pilot skills to Infinite Flight.

IF checklists - Proper Checklist Procedures.

What do you use?

I think you should change this to #thirdparty.

Third party is for App developements. This topic is only talking about what you do to make things more realistic. It can go in general.

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Ok, I was not sure whether it should be in #thirdparty or #general.

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For the 738 V speeds I use an awesome calculator made by @ElCapitan and @Dubya

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I think this Topic it’s already use! but is it closed!
So I think, it use to be closed!

All except IFpax.

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All except ifpax which is a major rip off and took my money with no support for active payers


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