To London With Love @ ZSPD - 190400ZAUG18 [CANCELLED]

Hello there! Tailwinds latest Long Haul takes us from Shanghai to London onboard the beautiful Virgin Atlantic 787! This flight takes around 11-12 hours and will be open to people in Tailwinds or not! Below are the details for this event.

  • Estimated Flight Time is 11-12 hours
  • Start of event is at 0400Z on August 19th or 9pm Pacific and 12am Eastern
  • Only Aircraft Allowed is the Virgin 787
  • Server: Expert
  • Departure Airport: ZSPD
  • Arrival Airport: EGLL
  • When Pushing Back, I push back first then down the line to the right not pushing back until there is enough room.
  • Cruise Altitude is FL340
  • Mach speed is .85
  • Below 10,000 speed is 240 knots
  • Above 10,000 speed is 320 knots
  • Rotate speed is 165 knots using 88% thrust
  • TOD is 134nm away

T1 Gates
06: @Daniel14
07: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn
9: @Bo_Page_m8

More Gates will be added if needed

Event Is hosted By Tailwinds Flying Club


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Gate 18 for me please

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There is no gate 18…

That isnt right, just saying…


All fixed now! Thanks for catching that 😂


I am not sure if my parents will let me do a midnight take off, but otherwise…

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Thats gonna be tough right there haha

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😂 I was copying some of what I got from another TFC event and I must of missed that

Would like gate 3 and am very excited for my first event with the VA

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Added you to the list! See you there!

gate 9 for me pleaseeeee

You now have a gate! Check above

To long for me, sorry

Event is tomorrow! Join now!

Unfortunately I will have to back out of this event, hopefully next time!

Ya, I asked. I can’t do the Mid night takeoff since we have something the next morning. Sorry about that…

Unfortunately, due to a lack in attendance this event is now cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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