To Infinity & Beyond

Afternoon//Morning everyone!

Today, I ventured out in an F22 to the deep depths of the 100,000ft + zone of Infinite Flight.

I managed to take a coupla screenshots of my experience, and it was definitely a worth while trip with the opportunity of being able to see the absolute stunning scenery surrounding the Albuquerque International Airport.

Additionally, I got low on fuel at a point, but luckily @GHamsz was orbiting around in his tanker which proved for a nice shot during break off after the completion of refuelling.

Hope you all can take in the view & enjoy!
Cheers and thanks for checking these out!

  • Once again, thanks for checking this out, have a beautiful day!

awesome shots mate! the F-22 really is the ultimate aircraft!

It certainly is, was a ton of fun flying it!

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lovely shots! its a great view from up there.


What a beautiful world up there! A little over edited but still nice!

Amazing photos there! I love using the F-22 and going up super high, just super fun.

Thanks guys!

It’s an absolute classic of an aircraft & can definitely provide some absolute smasher views!

Awesome shots!

To Infinity and Beyond, did you see Buzz Lightyear while you were up there?

Anyhow, lovely shots mate. I really liked the first one.


Really unique pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Nice shots, how are you able to control your aircraft at that altitude? I can manage to get up there but I end up spinning out of control slowly towards the Earth.

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Why does it look like there are clouds

Just got a tonnnnnn of speed at around 10,000 ft then just pulled back and skyrocketed up and somehow got enough speed to maintain flight, for a few seconds :)

Thanks all for checking em out!

That’s my method :wink:

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You can’t control the flight at that altitude. You really can’t do much pst 60 thousand. He just took a screen shot while his plane was horizontal. Lol

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