To follow or not to follow instructions

Once again I was instructed on my approach to Dubai to turn left when my common sense told me I was supposed to turn right. I followed atc instructions followed by a “ please follow instructions or you will be ghosted”. I understand this is an issue atc has no control over. But then who is responsible for this, Is this just a computer issue? Who is responsible for giving incorrect right or left turns as we pilots prepare for our approach. I had to quit my flight once again because of that confussion. It is terribly unfair to be threatened to be ghosted when we are following atc instructions wether it is or is not the controllers fault. How are we suppose to behave when we are given incorrect right or left turns and then be told to follow instructions or we will be ghosted after we simply followed the instructions given by whatever it is the controller or the computer.

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Follow the instructions, screenshot any issue then bring it to the controllers attention here. The ghosting would be reversed in this case, so long as sufficient evidence is presented.


This issue is quite simple to respond to.
Turn towards the heading instructed. The controller only issues a degree you should turn to, he or she is not in control over whether it’s left or right. The app just selects whatever should be closest.

So, if you’re on a heading of 360 and are being instructed to turn left towards 30… you don’t turn left as that would make you perform a 330 degree turn. You go right.


respond to heading & altitude assigned to you. not turn instructions. there is a bug but not with heading. if it says turn left heading 020 and your common sense says 020 is to the right. turn right 020. but follow the heading.

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I will do that Thanks. I very much appreciate it.


The app should instruct you to go left/right based on which would be closest to heading instructed.
I’ve had this a handful of times myself, but we’ll investigate it :)


I had a situation once where I was on heading 010 and ATC instructed me to turn left heading 020


Yes that’s the point of this thread. The controller does not give a direction. As stated it will be investigated.

The heading is the instruction that is more important.

I had the same thing too. I just made the larger turn, since I wasn’t sure. I guess the system got a bit confused. 😂