To everyone on KEGE Tonight (and pilots in general)

Hi everyone. I’m going to say a little bit about my observations controlling tonight. I was a little disappointed in the pilots flying at KEGE tonight. There were a few problems recurring that I wanted to share.

So, please follow instructions IMMEDIATELY. ATCing on advanced can lead to some split-second decisions, and having pilots follow instructions two minutes later doesn’t do any good.

When planes come at the same time, my best defense at tower is to request 360s, to try and get some space going. So if two planes close together do 360s, they will end up more or less where they were, and both of them will have not gotten enough spacing between them. So, if I request that you do a second 360, or extend downwind and not complete your 360, I would appreciate it if you follow those instructions. I know you did a 360, so don’t get the impression I thought you weren’t following instructions when I request it a second time. I just need you to repeat it.

Related to that, if you think you see an opening, DON’T stop what you are doing (ex. 360) to dart in. I’m keeping an eye on things, and if I don’t say anything, it means the space isn’t there.

Extend downwind and I’ll call your base were two instructions that weren’t getting followed. If you extend downwind, that means you KEEP THE SAME HEADING and move further away from the airport. “I’ll call your base” means I HAVEN’T called it yet, but I will do so when an opening occurs. So don’t suddenly turn base without me telling you to, because it’s likely you just messed up spacing between planes. I’ll get you into the final sequence, just be patient.

I only ghosted one person tonight, because I wanted to give people second chances. Unfortunately I think next time I’ll have to ghost more frequently. Sorry if anyone was unhappy with KEGE tonight, but I was trying my best to rein in some unruly planes. Hopefully, if more people stick to the points I mentioned above, the disorder will lessen. Thanks to all the pilots who were following directions correctly and promptly. You make ATCing stress-free and fun!


I was there, had a great time. I had to do on 360 ( it was a very good call) anyways I was coming in a little high and fast. Great work and keep it up :)

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