To Everyone At CLT Tonight-PLEASE READ

This is CLT Local, the guy that was controlling the ATC tonight. Just a heads up, runway 23/05 is meant ONLY for landing, and can ONLY land on 23. And for those starting up in the NCANG ramp or the FBO, you MUST cross runway 18L/36R in order to get to either end of the runway. Please follow instructions! Thanks!


Some people say well because this is IF and there is no restrictions about this in the sim I can just use the runways, but I am all for this thing. Realism, baby!


Never knew that. Thanks, local! :)

Any time brother! It just annoys me how I can’t say what I specifically want to tell these other guys


@Tyler_Shelton, I do think we should follow real world procedures, but how would the average IF pilot know these kinds of things?


When I began making procedures we used actual departure procedures and still do. Most of my flight plans are routes that are flown daily by aircraft… I use all of the departure and arrival charts plus flightaware to observe the routes and actual waypoints.

Before I get any more technical, we will address the server issue so that it’s a more advanced crowd, then we start raising the bar and getting closer to the real deal!


Do you think it may be worthwhile to have some kind of go-to reference for airports with special procedures? (I.e Aspen, Gatwick, London City, the airport in the opening post here, etc). At least for places where procedures are very particular, but perhaps also others where operation styles are known (LAX, SAN, etc.). The controllers can then implement that whenever they do a session. Just a thought.

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Yeah, I’ve thought about that. How would you accomplish that? In game or just a single website with everything?

Oh, and if the wind is going in a North to South direction, runway 23/05 can be used to back taxi to 36C

@Kilt_McHaggis might do this ;)

I have some schematics which you could mark up. They currently reside in MS powerpoint and I have uploaded png files created from this. Easy to mark up. If you want I can place in my wiki

Sample WEB Page:

Other option would be to have a section on this forum with all procedures for each airport? (Perhaps a sub section of TUTORIALS?) One thread per airfield which could only be added / edited by Mods or Snr ATC guys. For each airport include general information on the airfield including which runways are in use depending on wind direction as well as perhaps arrival and departure charts, airport diagrams etc. Then before each flight / ATC session users can easily research the information needed?

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Ok so I now have access to Navigraph charts and can see some standard ATC layouts you were suggesting. Who in our illustrious ATC team wants to put these together?