To everybody flying on the training server

This message is meant for all the pilots that fly on the training server. This server is meant to train your pilot skills and prepare for the expert server and NOT to cause chaos. Please do what ATC tells you to do, they mostly know what they are doing. Please don’t taxi through other planes or over grass. Don’t fly a fighter jet with M. 2.5 and at 50 feet over the active runways. That’s just annoying and more professional players will most likely abort their take-off because of that. Also, please don’t cut off other planes on their approach or their final. Again, more professional players will go around, and that’s just time waste. Don’t do ATC if you have no clue what you have to do, because you will make other players experiences bad. Maybe they will quit because of YOU. This one is a bit more unrelevant, but please don’t escort people if they don’t want to, because they often want to make screenshots and then you would be in the way.

I made this topic, cuz I recentely got a few violations because I was overspeeding and now have to fly on the training server for a week. These where some experiences I made in this time and the game is way less fun like that. I hope that this Topic will make some people think. Don’t ruin other peoples experience.P.s. My english isn’t that good. Im sorry if there where some errors in the text.


I am pretty sure nobody from the Training server is in the IFC 😂


Yeah but maybe the message will spread

yeah im pretty sure too


It’s alright for small airports, but my gosh.


I never use the training server unless I’m on a few violations or if I am helping someone practice with ATC. The training server shouldn’t be so terrible, but unfortunately people treat this like FSX in an Airforceproud95 video. Definitely should be more moderated than it is. Additionally, what’s with people’s obsessions over LAX and LHR? It’s literally the only two airports that are used and it is CHAOS.


Must be honest. Have been doing some T&G on traing at EGCC and can onky say ATC have been exceptionally good and so have other pilots. Credit where it is due. But I have seen the other side also.


Let’s hope so… as an IFATC attendant it’s really annoying of some random guy crashes your till then perfect session and just does what he wants… and without me being able to ghost him I can’t even do anything about it


We have too many posts of people trying to fix the training server. We get it, and appreciate your help, but nothings ever going to change. Most people that stick to training aren’t on the community anyway.


If you fly like that and you are on the IFC you should be ashamed. People who do this should take their malarkey to the Casual Server and out of our learning environment. I agree.

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@Thunderhead… MaxSez: What a WRONG HEADED Exclamation!, I disagree vehemently with this Guidance which is not your place to posit. The Training Server Controller module is open to those who dare. It’s Available to every member regardless of Grade, knowledge or ability.
MadMax Sends

(Lot of emotion laden comments here. Save them for those that care! Your opinions have no impact on those that Dare!)

Ok your wright. But what when theres a new grade 2 player controlling LHR?

I tend to spawn in to airports with “check the forums” as my call sign at TS airports.


That is a nightmare in the making.

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I hope that you efforts help!! :)

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Do you mean grammar?

It is something you would never want at EGLL in TS.

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Once, I was forced to hold short for thirty minutes. Suddenly, everybody retaliated as if a war had just begun. The people charged for the runway, passing through us like we were ghosts.

That was the ATC’s fault tho

I only go on TS for ATC Training or Group Flights.

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