To Dubai! @ EGLL - 101600ZMAY20

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any Emirates

  • Route: EGLL - OMDB

  • Time of Departure: 17:00 English Time

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Please try to use gates 558-568 or any that are around those numbers.
Please check the requirements for Group flights. Have a good flight.

He has everything to not get this thread closed…

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He did it right. Don’t see what’s wrong.

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My apologies than.

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Sure I want to join :)

But are you ok with it if I’ll be diverting to somewhere else as I can’t do the whole flight

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I am waiting at Heathrow now. Sorry about the delay

Oh rip, at what gate?

And ummm, can you give me more details about the flight?

(Eg: altitude, speed)


We will be flying at 36,000ft

And 240kts below 10000ft and then from there 340kts

I’m at gate 555

My callsign is OCNBEN and you may copy my flight plan

Are you still waiting? imma join, my name is ayy lmao

I’m waiting at gate 555

Have you got Facebook messenger?

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