To Colombia for a Funeral ( FLIGHT 1 )

I wasn’t supposed to go on any trips until school was done due to it being testing season but we got some urgent news when I got back home yesterday and I knew it was going to be serious when I saw my DAD cry usually he never cries but this time was different so I knew it was gonna be bad, My Moms Aunt passed away last night in her sleep we still don’t know really why but all my parents told me was to pack my bags since I’d be going down south to Colombia 🇨🇴 for the funeral and I was supposed to have my English test today but I didn’t take it, and your probably wondering, are you going back to Cali again for the 2nd time this year? Nope, she lived in the capital Bogotá and all my family from Cali is heading there today as well so we should start getting to the Airport now!

Origin: Miami Intl ( KMIA )
Destination: El Dorado Intl ( SKBO )
Flight Time: 3:07
Airbus A319-100 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Here we are Gate D48 after some Cafe Versailles of course, here is the A319 which unlike most of AAs narrow body fleet, it is equipped with IFE screens which is cool, wished many more of their narrows were like this.

The seat I’d be in for this 3 hour flight to our capital provided and excellent wing view and this aircraft felt cozy even though the interior is older than most of their 737s but at least they have IFE screens.

No matter what you feel, Miami 🏝️ take offs are always a treat!

Climbed up to FL370 and even though we were flying from Miami to Bogotá, it still gave me a Miami to Cali vibe which is great when I come back to the motherland, Medellín is where I’m going no doubt ♥️ Flight Attendants came around with earbuds and some snacks and a free drink which was lovely 🥰

💛💙❤️ COLOMBIA 💛💙❤️ I’m back, even if it’s for a sad reason it still feels great to be back
Oh look 👀 down there is Barranquilla 🏝️ one of the 3 main Caribbean coastal cities with Cartagena and Santa Marta!

When I used to go to Colombia 🇨🇴 years ago we’d always fly LAN ( now LATAM ) or Avianca and we would always stop in Bogotá so it would go Miami → Bogotá, Bogotá → Cali and vice versa on the way back, So I don’t remember Bogotá’s approach as good as Cali’s but it was scenic as we turned and turned many times to avoid terrain!

Now I didn’t expect this, a China Southern A350 here at SKBO what an interesting find! 😃

Bogotá’s El Dorado Intl Airport was a lot busier than usual so I did feel a quick turn onto the taxiway to vacate for all this traffic coming in, yikes 😬 ( btw look, an Emirates 777-300ER 👀 )

Just deplaned here at gate 47 and my goodness, this airport is as beautiful as I remember it 😍 and this airport has pretty good customs 🛃 it’s one of those where you just scan your passport and your in! We headed to eat with the rest of my family and just do stuff with each other before the funeral on Saturday but between now and the time, see you at church! 😉


I love the photos and commentary. Enjoy Columbia and keep up the great work!


What a nice trip from Miami to Bogota. It gave me a feeling of traveling on the A319 from MIA to BOG


Thanks and im glad you feel that way :)

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Nice shots!

Thank you 😊

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I love your shots! 😊

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Love there shots. awesome!

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