To Colombia for a Funeral ( FINAL FLIGHT )

It’s early morning here in Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴 about 3 am im up to catch the 6:30am departure back home to Miami 🏝️ on an American Airlines Airbus A319 glad you joined me on this sad trip let’s head over to no doubt Colombia’s 🇨🇴 best looking airport even though I’m most familiar with Cali’s, Bogotá’s just looks much more modern it’s amazing 🤩 and I wanted to experience the “airport at night” as this airport shows that aspect amazingly just like others in the Middle East or in Europe which hopefully I’ll visit, but leads just check I band get this flight started!

Origin: El Dorado Intl ( SKBO )
Destination: Miami Intl ( KMIA )
Flight Time: 3:09
Airbus A319-100 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Here at gate 47 to check out our A319 taking us back to the States 🇺🇸 also fitted with IFE screens and I just stopped for a simple breakfast, some famous Colombian 🇨🇴 Pandebono and coffee, very tasty 😋 let’s get onboard shall we?

Here is our seat this time we had a wing and engine view, not as good as I’d get upfront in first class but here I’m trying to save money since a unique airport in Greece 🇬🇷 is on my radar 👀

We did have to deal with some crosswinds as we took off RWY 13L at SKBO, but we did get an amazing view of our Capital ♥️🇨🇴 There’s a reason why Bogotá is known as the “Athens of South America” 🤩

Climbed up to FL380 to enjoy this familiar way up to the USA 🇺🇸 around 1 hour into the flight we got some biscoff cookies which were great but not my favorite airline snack, that award goes to United’s Stroopwafels I remember when I first had them years ago on my 5th grade DC trip, me and my friends even tried stealing them from others they were that good, anyways at this point we’d say goodbye to Barranquilla 🏝️ and Colombia 🇨🇴 all together as we’d enter the Caribbean!

HELLO MIAMI 👋🏝️ I missed you so much but I’m glad to be back home I still got that English test to take though 😒

As we entered right downwind for RWY 09 at KMIA I zoomed in to get this awesome shot of the airport definitely my favorite, Florida Airport, AA Hub, favorite major hub etc… just love this place ♥️

About half an hour before noon, we touched down RWY 09 at Miami International Airport after this lovely flight from the “Athens of South America”

Snagged this final shot 📸 of the A319 that flew us back home 🏠 on the sky train in concourse D before we headed to passport control 🛂 which wasn’t that bad mainly because at this time, many international flights DEPART versus if we took the midday flight to Miami I’d be packed with other flights from Latin America and the Caribbean 🏝️ still not as bad as the 1am departure were you’d be in line with the overnight arrivals from South America like Buenos Aires 🇦🇷 Río de Janeiro 🇧🇷 Lima 🇵🇪 etc… but now im in my car off to get some lunch 🥪 before heading home, but between now and then, see you at Miami Intl Airport! 😉


I’ve actually gotten a picture like this IRL.

Sorry that it’s not focused. 😂
My camera only wanted to focus on the window for some reason.


very similar except it looks like your going WEST → EAST instead of EAST → WEST still nice pictures :)

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Yeah I was. We landed on runway 30.

I love MIAMI too, I moved here back in 2009 to live here and I also got that photo as that other dude arriving back from Atlanta

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Nice shot just the other side

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