To Burnet and Back

This morning my dad and I did a little flying from 1T7 to Burnet, and well, me being a YouTuber, I had to film it. Here it is! Watch to the end please (you won’t regret it)

(4K)To Burnet and Back | C172 N6380E | TheAviation

Camera: GoPro Hero 8 Black
Aircraft: C172
Route: 1T7-KBMQ-1T7


Is this u?

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That looks like some mad runway slope on the departure. Any idea what kind of grade it is?

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Yes it is!

I don’t know.

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Lots of flying today I see!

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Yeah, we rent it out to a flight school

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“Watch till the end you won’t regret”

Quote of January 2023

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I’ve only begun

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