To be or not to be, that's the question?

I’m good at titles hum!
Seriously I posted another day the desire to change companies.
I am a deep admirer of Air France but after showing my interest in exchanging I received here two answers where one showed me that there is VA. I was shown two companies and one is the BA-VA and the other the AF-VA. Today I conclude my research and unfortunately in parts because I sent emails to both companies and only one responded and it was to British Airways the email was answered by - “Adam Deputy President, British Airways Virtual” that really impressed me. The quality of the website and everything else I saw here congrats my congratulations.
Unfortunately when searching about Air France my heart company found nothing but nonsensical sites and contacts that do not respond.
So I ask is there life in AFVA? if anyone knows the answer please let me know I would like to make a decision but before I want to know the options.
Thank you


AF is with KLM, so a 2 in 1 VA!

I sent e-mails and nothing.

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Just wait and they’ll message you as soon as they can:)

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Where can I get answers to my questions?

They will respond to all of your questions as soon as they can. Feel free to contact any AFKLM Staff member with any further questions as well

everything about you I already researched

I want to ask you 4 questions and that’s enough.

Okay, I’ll go look for Mr. Omar.
thank you

I actually tagged the inappropriate person. Please do not message the person I tagged. My apologies. Please contact:

Sorry but how do I contact @Omar?
I do not know what’s good for @ + name just to indicate the name?

U may not want to tag that person becuase they have been inactive for some time

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Please contact @Omar_DeWindt for anything AFKLM Related. He is the current CEO of that particular Virtual Airline. To Personal Message someone, please:

  1. Click the tag (Example: @Plane-Train-TV)
  2. Find a Blue Button that says “Message”
  3. Start typing away! Once you complete the message, just hit “post” and whenever Omar is on, he will be able to respond to any of your questions

Hi there @demetrius_Souza!

Thanks for trying to get in touch with us! We don’t have a record of any emails or messages.

Feel free to DM me or any AFKLM Virtual Group staff member directly and we’ll answer any questions you have.



Look that!
I did not know that, thank you.

Do you have an e-mail?
Or do I ask right here?

I’ve reached out to you in DM.

Cheers, mate!