To be ATC While Flying

Calling people noobs, etc etc

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Flying and controlling at the same time… hmmm, sounds like a recipe for trouble. I think Infinite Flight’s current implementation is a good fit for everyone to enjoy aviation simulation on a mobile device.


That’s what we been trying to say to him and he has 0163926481727381027 excuses why it should be implemented.

You could have answered like @Levet has done. But especially i couldn’t understand that they have started with offensive argues. You could just say your opinions.

Edit: yes offensive… because you said “Mods! Close this topic!”. This is democracy, say your opinions, if there is a reason for closing, they can think and do themselves.

Offensive? We spoke calmly, trying to explain to you. You started being offensive.

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Lest we forget that sometimes it is difficult to see and feel emotions via an online discussion. Shake hands and be merry now, let’s enjoy good discussion :)


You even have living proof. @AZA.DAL.610and @Aviator_Airbus

So many people typing ;-;

During cruise, you can open a huge map right? Does it block your cruise?

And at the bottom you can see your speed, altitude, distance etc.

I offer similar thing. You can click a button or swap a new screen and then you can manage.

It doesn’t block because it’s semi-transparent. What your suggesting is for in to not be transparent. If the ATC window was, you would not be able to see the ATC panel because of stuff happening in the background. And stop arguing, Levet said to stop.

See people complaining about getting violations from not paying attention to their long haul flights all the time. Don’t really see the benefit of this at all, only more distraction.

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@CK777 everyone has an opinion, and we all stated them in a respectful manner. Every single person thinks this wouldn’t be a good fit for Infinite Flight, but instead of taking constructive criticism, you rudely say that we are being offensive, which is where we started asking for this to be closed. If the O/P is rude to the people helping them, then why should we support the idea? We are a civilized forum, and if the mods saw any rude comments that aren’t helpful to the thread, they would delete them. Yes, this forum is a democracy, but there are boundries to it.


Legitness. What’s the point of IFC if your just going to argue. Honestly, no offense to Moderators, but I would have closed this already. We did not come here to be disrespected and get into arguements. We came to socialize and discuss the game.

Maybe instead of using ATC on IF you could use ATC on another app?

The IFC actually encourages productive conversation, so someone debating why their idea is good should be allowed. This isn’t a dictatorship;)

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@anon41771314 I think we all got your point now. Chill, it’s discourse… the fundamentals of this community.


Purchase another pro account. The Devs would love that 🙃.


Tip- when everyone’s telling you the idea doesn’t work, it’s PROBABLY not a good idea. You asked for our opinions and we gave it to you, but you don’t seem open to our opinions and rather focused on telling us why we’re wrong. We’re being polite, not rude, but you have to accept that this idea just won’t fly.

Let’s take a breath and calm down. It’s not like Matt ran over another deer or something…

Here’s my opinion:

At first I wanted to write that I don’t like the idea. Then I thought about it for a second. I still don’t like it but I get it. On one side it’s not a bad idea because it would offer IFATC controllers the possibility to control while they’re flying. This would have the effect of more open airports.

But here’s why I don’t like it:
As a controller you should be focused only on controlling and as a pilot you should be focused only on flying, both especially on Expert Server. Doing both could work, depending on your multitasking abilities, but it wouldn’t be professional as the focus would be at two places.

As I said though, I get why one might like the idea.