To be ATC While Flying

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I offer a second version of ATC managing.

You will do a long haul flight. But you don’t want to getting bored. With this feature, you will open a mini screen or split screen or tap a button and you will manage your final destination airport or an airport which is in the region you are flying over or an airport somewhere. I can’t say technical details because i am not developer.

People can say their thoughts and this idea can advance. If it becomes real, we can see many many number of ATCs on the map and it can make the game more and more entertaining.

Naturally, i know in real life pilots can not manage towers but this is a game/simulator and at the same time we can’t eat pilot’s meal.

This will help users to advance game loyalty. They can learn ATC managing during cruise.


Edit: Especially in TS, we can see benefits of this feature and trolls are everywhere it is not a specific problem.

Edit 2: This can work well while you are at cruising altitude with A/P.
Also, while you are close to approaching, you can leave ATC and can concentrate on your approaching.

This will be cruise altitude ATC managing and this can help to pilots to understand ATC commands.

Hi! I understand your idea for pilots not to get bored but it’s not realistic and I’m pretty sure it could cause some confusion as well


This would just let people troll other people or let them put themselves first on the landing patterns. Wouldn’t work


Not to be mean but it won’t be the best feature it would most likely cause chaos especially on TS1

Yeah… not a good idea, it would only work on TS, and people only fly to big airports on TS. Additionally, you can watch do other things while you are cruising, like get some homework done, watch a movie, etc.

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This will cause confusion and rage as you will be paying more attention to your ATC side, you have less space for the controls, which means less visibility of your aircraft because of all the buttons, and rage because other pilots might be trying to go inbound and the controller/pilot is focusing on themself, it makes everybody upset, so final answer, no you do not get my vote.

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I think his account got locked, if you click on him it says you can’t see his profile. Rip

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You can leave ATC while approaching, this is not life time feature. :/

ATC on ts1 is already hectic enough I don’t think it will go well

If you leave ATC while approaching then it makes no sense in having it so you can land.

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And what your requesting sounds pretty much like Unicom

People would put themselves first, they wouldn’t get off the frequency

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Come ooon, please try to think huge. I am flying from EGLL to LTFM. I took off and ascent to 38.000 ft. Now i am ready to enjoy, i can manage EDDF Tower during my cruise.

It is just an example.

It’s not realistic I’m sorry to break it too you but this idea won’t go well on IF

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Why would you do that? It’s useless. It’s unrealistic and your distracted in case something happens. If this happens and you get 29&392363739*$#: Violations, don’t look at me for help. Can a mod close this please


If you get violations its your noobness, i just have 5 vios and i don’t scare of managing ATC while cruising. And you cant be a authority yourself for closing topics.

“Noobness” isn’t i nice word to describe fellow members.

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It doesn’t matter if your a noob. The other day I saw a Grade 5 with 200 Violations. Does that make them a noob? @Levet I know it’s annoying that I mention you but can you close this please. It’s useless and pointless

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This post started an argument. I don’t know if this is wrong but I recommend closing this.

The O/P is also being pretty rude to commenters sharing their opinion.

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