To be able to choose from the IATA as well as the ICAO of airports

Now, in a way this would make it easier for some people as on real flights like EGBB - OMBD. If you are like me and have been on those sort of flights we’d usually see ‘‘BHX - DXB’’. It’s something many of us are used to. It would be fun to be able to have a choice to use either the IATA or the ICAO.

Good idea but I’m out of votes :(


Great Idea! Except @Thomas_Ralph said it for me, I’m outta votes…


While everybody’s out of votes, I still have 4 left.


I have found a topic very similar to this. Is this what you’re requesting?

If not, then my dearest apologies.


Not defeating the purpose. I saw the topic. It said ‘‘on the map’’. My questioning is on the selection screen.

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The search bar is confirmed in global. Just got my other topic closed when I was corrected, haha.

No worries. Just saw it now…I think it will be easier using the search bar rather than the IATA code…just sayin.

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Same here. Wish they’d increase it. ☹️

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Is this different from your other post?

Yes, it’s different I found out the feature was already confirmed.

Speaking of votes does it refresh or not

It still the same feature… it’s a duplicate
Thanks I’ll flag