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Yesterday I went to one of the local flight schools out at the airport to ask one of the flight instructors a question. Once our meeting was done he offered to take me out to the hanger and adjacent ramp to look at the airplanes.
Enough talking time to get onto the pictures.

The first airplane that I was shown was a Diamond DA-42 used for multi engine training and their Piper Super Cub used to fly scientists low over Yellowstone National Park to count animals.

Next we went outside to look at their mainstream fleet of Cessna 172s.
The airplanes that were out there was…

The airplane next to it was N49RL
Across from that stood a Cessna Citation 525 N406BR

Last but not least a N61933

I know it’s not much but I just wanted to share this cool experience.
Thank you for looking at my pictures!

The camera that I used

iPhone 6


It’s crazy how big cubs really are, in IF they look like ants lol

Nice shots Nathan!

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I was surprised also. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun to fly!

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looks great!

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Looks great!

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Thank you! I certainly had a lot of fun taking them!

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Woah they look awesome! Odd question, does the flight school own the C525? Awesom pictures and nice camera ;)

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I don’t think so. But I do know that another flight school uses a Embraer Phenom 300 for jet training.

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