To All Classic Aviation Lovers

Boy, do I have a website for you.

My mom has a friend that is a geek when it comes to classic aviation. He developed a website dedicated to the past of aviation - it’s full of historic airline schedules, historic airline route maps, historic airline timetables, terminal diagrams, seating charts, and more. You’ll be able to view iconic route maps such as Pan Am, Continental, USAir, America West, and more - and airlines that exist today’s route maps from back in the 70s and 80s, such as American Airlines, United, Delta, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Allegiant, PSA, and Northwest Airlines.

It’s very, very cool. I’d highly recommend you go check it out.


I’ve seen this website and used it before many times. Amazing little thing it is. Something special will be coming using this 😉


That’s a cool website! This is very cool! Thanks for posting!

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Mom’s friend says they’ve been running this website for 15 years.


I was expecting to be led to a Rick Astley video, but hey, that’s a nice surprise for once: a link that actually leads to something useful! This is really cool too, and will keep me entertained!

Edit: I found a great diagram of the old Austin airport! How times have changed!


I’m not @anon41771314 lmao


Just read my username. I am all about classic aviation. 😅😅


Perfect timing, yesterday i was looking for an old airliner schedule with operating their vintage aircraft to implement the flight on IF. Nice website for vintage/classic airliner lover 😉

Wow, that’s amazing, just bookmarked:)

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I find it pretty fun to look at some of the larger airports now and look at how they’ve changed over time (airport diagrams)

Bookmarked for my next DC-10 flight

I’ve heard of this, it’s really cool! Thanks for sharing the link so I don’t have to waste time googling everything. 😅

“Guess the Airline and Aircraft,” prepare for some classics!

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About 90% of the time I fly in IF, I am either flying the DC-10, MD-11, 737-700 (SWA Desert Gold), or the 747-200.

Classic aircraft will always be better than modern aircraft (I.e: 737-MAX, every new 737-800/900, A350, 787, A220, just to name a few). Anyone who even attempts to say otherwise will be forcibly put onto a Spirit Air Flight.

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…is it gonna be an A320neo?

No. Worse. A former United A320. 😜

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