To Airports editing team

Hi guys, I planned a flight from Ketchikan (PAKT) using a B737-900ER from Alaska Airlines. However, upon entering the app, I received a message stating that the aircraft is too large for that airport. In reality, Alaska Airlines operates a direct flight with a B737-9000ER from PAKT to Seattle KSEA, so please the airports editing team should give more attention to such important details in the future to keep our game more realistic.

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I just took a look myself in-app and I am able to spawn in with a Boeing 737-900ER at the “Terminal Gate 01” and “Terminal Gate 02” spawn points without any issues.

When does the message appear saying that your aircraft is too large? Is it when you try and load up the flight or after you’ve spawned in?

When i try to load

You need to change the start location to any of the white ones.

You are trying to spawn on a GA transient ramp. Make sure to select the spawn point on the map in where you’d like to spawn on the airport.

Yes the issue is fixed now, but believe me yesterday all points were in red

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