TNT 777 departing

Hello hope you are all doing well and checking up on your friends here on the forum as Tyler said. So, today I did a flight from SPJC with ATC so thanks! As it was great. I was going to KLAX but realised that I didn’t actually add enough fuel (20 minutes out) so I just landed at SPHI. Here are some pictures. As of late, I have been flying the 777 a lot before the update comes out. I love the aircraft! 😊

Server: Expert
Time: not that long 1hr. Should have been 6 hrs 42 mins
Route: SPJC -> SPHI

Departing out from runway 15 at SPJC

Zoomed view of the amazing 777

Thanks for viewing this and stay safe!


Nice picture, I can relate not having enough fuel, it happens to me all the time! Great pictures, here is a virtual cookie 🍪

Nice pictures! I have never even seen this livery!

I forgot about that livery, super shots!

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Hidden gem lol :)

thanks @Sashaz55

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This is a really cool livery, which I rarely if ever see on IF. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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I am trying to move away from commercial to cargo. Thanks Julian! :)

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That’s probably the current situation IRL too… I am moving from commercial to charter/repatriation for that reason.

Anyways, Cargo can offer some really unique rotes, doesn’t it?

Just for a change for me.

That’s quite right.

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