TNCM Tower open Playground [Closed thank you]

Do whatever you want, just follow the rules.

I’m new to ATC (This is my 5th or 6th time doing it now?) so apologies in advance if I screw up.

Coming on now. Call sign: Qarti 660 Heavy. I’ll be in an Airbus A380-800. And what region is TNCM in?


Thanks. I can’t come on :( don’t have it. 😭

I might have been too late if you were Us Air than I was there.

I was USAir yes. I never changed it since last night.

You’re extremely good at controlling considering it’s only your 5th time, (I was T-Ribzz 96 of you didn’t already guess)

Thanks man 😀. I screwed up with the Cessnas but it went smoother than someother times at least.

Yes I saw you in the Star 752 ;)

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