TNCM Tower/Ground

Since there is no ground frequency I was wondering if you could make a combined frequency. In IRL t tower controls ground too. I was wondering if you could give tower ground permissions. This would make TNCM much more easy to control. I am not sure if this should be under ATC or features.

Also I am currently controlling ATC at TNCM if anyone would like to fly. On TS

So you are saying that TNCM should have ground commands on Tower?

yes because there is no ground frequency in IRL or in IF

Ummmm have you played Infinite flight before

what are you talking about

This. Have you ever flown on training Server or expert

yea i fly on expert

I can confirm there is no ground frequency at Princess Juliana.


But doesn’t tower have progressive taxi commands?

yes but all of the ground commands would help a lot

Why only TNCM and not other airports that don’t have it too?🤔

sure good idea

TNCM in real life has one controller. This controller handles radar, tower, and ground.

In IF, the approach control center is separate for obvious reasons.
This information comes from both a 757 pilot and a Winair pilot.

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There’s already such a mecanism, but it’s only available on Expert Server, Progressive taxi commands.

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