TNCM Tower (Closed)

No 787s, just remember that. This is continued from yesterday’s event at TNCM as well. TS1

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Pattern work allowed, overwhise Take off from st Maarten and do a simple loop right traffic and then land.

Are you practicing for IFATC? Or is this just an event?

Please be careful on the ground when taxiing, there is no ground frequency.

Event, just for some fun. 👍

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Not many coming. I want traffic!!!

I guess I’ll do a short pattern before my phone gets too hot

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It is starting to heat up ( in the amount of planes )… still wanting some traffic jams to takeoff and land !

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Glitch happened, everyone disappeared.

Everyone come back in 2 ms, a glitch happened which forced all ground aircraft to disappear… Come and see traffic in paradise and mid air collisions! Just joking with that one…

I think people get the gist you want them to come. You don’t need to say it so many times ;) and I’d come but I’m enjoying ice cream with the girlfriend.


Heavies can operate at NCM just fine. This is an unnecessary restriction, nor is enforceable.


Was one of the most famous 747 landings in the world until recently.

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A340s can land in TNCM too

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It is just the frustration of back taxing… anyways this is now closed. 😡 Frustrated of no traffic coming and glitches and crashes

Yeah, believe me, we know. But that’s part of the gig at TNCM.


Especially the 747s. Like me yesterday, having a 737 take off over me. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

I had to stop and exit the runway without back taxiing in the 747 to avoid a ghost , believe me, it’s just about possible

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