TNCM Spawn Point.

Most pilots are courteous, however we have a few that are selfish. On the last update a new Spawn or Entry Point was added to St Maarten TNCM at the end of runway 28. Would appreciate the removal of this entry point as players are jumping in front of courteous pilots that have been waiting at the 10 end.


I probably wouldn’t want this spawn point removed as long as people use it correctly

I understand this might happen when ATC isn’t on. Normally, when an advanced ATCO is on, this should not happen, as we are considering that kind of thing.

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is there a way to have this as a conditional spawn point like in a case that would present @Clement_Boisselier 's comment

Will check when I get home


it could be beneficial to see if developers could incorporate this. Kind of like the Carpool lane and how in New York for example, can only be used in certain conditions.

There are 4 spawn points at Apron G

That be a road sir. Aprons G and H are now inactive. I will remove spawn points:


Right okay, umm let’s just pretend that never ever happend :)

Fixed: Arrr - X marks the spot


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