Tncm notam?

I’m just really damn confused to be honest. I was just on the expert server and got ghosted for “not following instructions - do not follow a flight plan”.

I wasn’t following a flight plan, there was no active IFATC to give instructions and there was no NOTAM saying anything about flight plans (or at least it didn’t appear for me if there was one).

I have contacted the moderator that ghosted me privately already but I wanted to just ask if anyone here could give some more insight from experience?


Prashant_Divedi - I’ve already contacted him privately and I’m awaiting a response. This post was more just about insight from people with more know how than me.

So you were ghosted by a mod and they are probably the only person that knew what you were doing wrong. Your best bet is to wait for a response.

They will let you know. None of use were there. Everything we say is speculation.

It’s just a time of waiting. IFATC members have lives too. And You should really be settling this via PM only. We dont know exactly what you did.

Yes, I understand the whole point of settling it via PM which is why I messaged him before making a post. I was actually asking for educated guesses to be honest. It just completely baffled me. I understand they have lives, that’s why I sent a message and waited.

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As the title (badly) suggested, does anyone know if there are any active messages etc for TNCM which don’t allow flight plans? That was my only thought.

We cannot say anything. There are a lot of theories and reasons that could explain why you got ghosted but that would be speculation. Only the person who ghosted you knows for sure what you did wrong and the reason for it. As far as I know there is no TFR at TNCM.

Everyone should not be saying the same thing over and over again that means nothing if you are “Right” we are just trying to help our OP and saying the same thing over and over again isn’t helpful at all.

The thing is, guesses won’t help, instead it would just crowd the topic and get everyone confused.

The only person that knows why you were ghosted is Preshant Divedi, who knows, maybe you were accidentally ghosted, this is why its better to wait for a response from the controller, as controllers always know best :) As far as I know, I there is no TFR at TNCM currently.

Everyone else, no point repeating what’s been said already above. Theres no point replying further, controller has been notified.

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As you stated, you’ve already contacted your controller. It’s great that you want to use this as a learning opportunity but you can’t learn anything if you don’t know what went wrong in the first place. The problem is that all of us don’t know what happened either. The only person who can answer that question is the controller who ghosted you.

Let’s wait for him to reply and then you can proceed from there. Thanks for your patience :)