TNCM (Caribbean) open on advanced server [closed]

Pattern work and feedback welcome!

Beautiful weather and full service now in the Caribbean. Tower , Ground and Approach all working.

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How many are on?

2 airports as of this minute

I mean, how many pilots. Sorry, I didn’t specify.

3 - not too busy :)

Might come on. Caribbean 478, the B738.

Now closed!

Thankyou for controlling. It was a little premature that I didn’t reach St Maarten the second time! But thankyou for your time! Always a pleasure to have controllers like you! :)

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Now you have to go to amsterdam👍

I’m still finishing up landing you know… I have to make the people happy, by almost chopping their heads off.


Final Runway 10! :)

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Hope it went well, it was really really busy in the end :)

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We’ll see how good it went, when the people are loud and they don’t get their heads chopped off. :P

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