TNCM | ATC Ground Frequency

As you may know, one of the Caribbean’s busiest airports (TNCM) has no ground frequency!

**TNCM is considered one of the busiest single runway airport in the Caribbean with over 75 flights a day. Over 15+ are international flights.

Without this ground frequency, people are:

  • Cutting the line for takeoff
  • Cutting through the gates/stands to the runway
  • Being professional NOOBS :)

As you can see. There is no Ground Frequency… Just Tower, Approach, and Center.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no ground frequency in real life for TNCM. No point in having it if it doesn’t exist.

Here are the list of frequencies:


Is there really no ground frequency!?! I could have sworn that all these years when visiting that I heard them announce taxi and stuff on LiveATC (When they had Live TNCM chat…)

I wish they could add Ground it would make the airport a whole lot better!!

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It makes sense that there’s not a ground frequency in real life. Not a very big airport at all and pretty much as soon as you vacate the runway you’re almost right where you’ll be parking.


I’m sure that IRL they’re instructed to taxi, etc, by ATC. There’s just no specific ground freq and thus not ground freq in IF. Extrapolate that into not having specialized Tower freq controls at that one airport and you get what we have in IF.


I guess you are right
TNCM has such big planes i can’t believe it doesn’t even though the runway is right there

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I’m sure Tower just handles it. It wouldn’t just be a free-for-all, there’s always a well thought out procedure.


Well I can see that, that means that only on TNCM or other airports with just tower need to have a taxi option ONLY taxi no pushback

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Might want to make some edits from the usual requesting planes template :)


I think this topic can be closed as it doesn’t even exist IRL.

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There is no GND freq we know, but in real world there’re just a few planes that take off and land on this airport. In IF this airport is much more busier. So Yes there is no GND in real world, but the Traffic in IF at TNCM isn’t like the traffic at TNCM in real world.
But global comes and less people are going to use TNCM I think so there is no need for a ground freq.

Well, from what I see, you are not probably an IFATC (correct me if I’m wrong), so you can control every frequency of every airport. This means TS1, and you know… TS1 is full of these people who cut in line exc. I suggest you to practice a lot to become an IFATC, so you won’t see more people like that. :)

You’all see that a Ground Frequency isn’t necessary!