TNCB sightseeing

TNCB is the less popular version of TNCM, change my mind

Hey all, today was FNF day (yay🎉) and I decided to fly some patterns at TNCB (there was some ATC coverage there, thank @Louverture.EU).
And holy heck that island is beautiful, as I said: it’s a less popular version of TNCM.
You fly low over beach too, 747 fits, backtaxi runway, TNCB even has a longer runway.
Anyway, enough talking. Onto the pics

Flight Information:

772 IF livery, Cessna 172

Gear up

Turning, and realizing I’m too high

So 360 time with nice views of the island

Changing to a Cessna now, flying past Lac Bay

Flying past the salt lakes

The low beach approach

Right downwind with view over Klein Bonaire

Well, that’s all folks.
Enjoy the rest of your day :)


Wow! Those are amazing photos!

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Thank you😄

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Great job on these pictures!

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Thanks Shane😊