TNCB evening spotting!

Hello fellow humans! I went spotting at Bonaire Flamingo International Airport, TNCB, my home airport. Here are some photos, I hope you like them! The camera I use is a Nikon D7000.

Also, please tell me how I can improve!

Context behind the photos: Normally A330s fly here, but are temporarily replaced with 777-200ERs. The time is around 5 or 6 PM.

The GA section.


A little EZAir hiding behind some trees.

A pic of the side if anyone wanted to see it.

My favorite picture, from the front.

A close up nose pic.

Tail pic!

The aircraft must be very empty, normally it goes to the beginning of the runway.



Thanks for looking at my photos! Please do NOT use these without my permission!!!

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Definitely my favourite as well. Some very cool pictures and the B777 looks absolutely impressive! The local scenery is not too bad either ;) Thanks for sharing!


@Robertine come here!!

b i r b


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