TLV spotting with sunrise

EL AL 747-400 LY82 Comes from Bangkok EL AL is going to be out of service for another month The 747 It would be sad to stop not seeing them

Arkia Embraer E195 IZ2821 To Eilat

Air Cargo Global Boeing 747-400F LY951 Coming from Liege In July EL AL separated from the only cargo plane she had She has since worked with several companies That fly the cargo of EL AL

airBaltic airbus A220-300 BT772 to Riga livery of Flag of Estonia

EL AL Boeing 777-200ER LY337 to Amsterdam

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER BA166 to London

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300 VS454 to London The flight started a month ago


Nice pics, what camera and lens do you use?

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Nikon D850
1/60s f/5.6 at 320mm iso5000


You should try using a lower iso - it’ll make the images less grainy. Still awesome photos though!


Nice shots! Would you be willing to post a picture of Air Moldova in one of your upcoming spotting topics?

I arrive at the airport usually having special aircraft But if I be a picture of him I Will share

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Are you sure it wasn’t like 1/640? 1/60 5.6 5000 sounds like a setup for a night shot.

These are still very nice. D850’s a beast

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You’re right I must have been confused with other pictures


Is nobody going to mention those birds lol

Scary, but cool photo nonetheless


The best picture In my opinion At Ben Gurion Airport There is a problem with birds

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