Tlv Ben Gurion Airport Israel

Can you guys pls add Israel. Israel is small and it would be realistic to do short hops between the city.


Good idea… could do a few hops from Beersheva maybe? Lol and perhaps add the military bases too… And scramble dem F-16s!


I agree that this would be a great addition!

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They can not or do not want to add aircraft’s EL AL, and you want region…

This is a great Idea I love this airport and area :-) :-)


Not me, I didn’t like the idea much.👎🏼


Yes please. This airport is awesome, especially back in the day, when they used flaming towers for planes to find the airport

Your problem. You’re like the only odd one out. Hate Israel? Don’t come here and rant about it.

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If he doesn’t like the idea, then that doesn’t mean he hates Israel… He’s entitled to his opinion and can put it here if he wants.

I personally don’t care for TLV and do i hate Israel and Israelis? No.

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Yeah Me too

You can’t classify one race and say they hate something. All prejudice will not be tolerated. No more discussion on it from now on.


So now back to topic for real, Jordan would definitely be included… What other countries would be too?

Egypt maybe?

I believe there’ll be enough space to reach Cairo ^^

Israel would be awesome especially TLV-ELAT


Be nice everybody.


What? You’re still talking about it till now?

but we need more loong routes :)

Tel Aviv - Larnaca
Tel Aviv - Amman

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Yes we do need love Niger routes