TL4 - Leader

Hey there. Just wondering if there are any regular members that has got TL4/Leader

If so who…? Cause thats awesome!

Leader is reserved for members who are hand picked by Infinite Flight staff. These are your wonderful moderators, staff members, etc.


And to add to what @anon38496261 said those people that are handpicked are generally regulars

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Ooh so no regular members that are not staff/developer/mods are TL4?

Trust level doesn’t necessarily play a direct role in who gets picked.


Oh ok then thanks… just waiting for my TL3 haha

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@Marc is one of them! He was a regular for a very long time and recently got the moderator title!


There are lots of things that the staff look for when picking moderators.

For a start, people that ask how to become a moderator or imply that they would like to become one tend to get ignored 😉

Secondly, they don’t choose people that ask

Finally, they don’t choose people that ask.

The staff have their own top secret requirements, and if they find someone they would like to moderate, they’ll probably approach them secretly, sunglasses and black suits on, in a top secret location, with some important documents, where they force the person to swear secrecy and allegiance…

Sorry, went off a bit there…


@Levet is a former mod now a Regular.


Recently? That was 7 months ago! Time flies, it’s unbelievable… And to be fair, I’ve only been a regular for 6 months before that. However, I’ve been an active member on the IFC for years though. Being a regular for a long time doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason for becoming a Moderator I think.

In the end, it’s Staff who handpicks the moderators (and thus the TL4 users). But to answer you question: Everything from TL0 to TL3 is automatic based on system requirements. TL4 is reserved for Moderators and Staff.