TL3 Question

With the new TL3 system. I am wondering. Does it make it harder or easier to get it? I still havent got a clear answer as of now. The reason I want to know so that I can get my co-host to help me with gate lists on events lol.

Thanks! hope someone can answer


Here are some advantages of the system. I do not believe the system makes the process easier or harder, but perhaps more accurate.

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ahhhhhh okay then. Thank you!


TL3 is now a manual promotion process and you will be promoted if you catch the eye of a moderation or staff member, and you contribute in a positive, friendly, respectful manner on this forum and help other users out.

Please take a look at this topic linked below for a idea on what we’re looking for in our TL3 users:


Thank you! also, feel free to close this. thnk you!

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OP requested closure.