TL2 requirements question

Hi! ~ Thanks for reading my post.

So, I have read the Discourse requirements, and I know that the IF ones are different, but with the TL2 requirements, I have a question. Do I have to visit the website for more than 15 consecutive days?



No one knows any of the requirements at all - whether it’s time spent on the forum, or topics read, or topics created, or comments posted, or unicorns manifested. The requirements are hidden to prevent trust level farming.

Just be active, help people out on the forum, add useful (not clutter) contributions, and you’ll get there in no time :)

Check out the attached topic for more information:


Only Misha will know this one in particular…because he is a unicorn!

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Hi! ~ Thanks responding!

Thanks for the clarification, everyone on the IFC is such a big help!


Did I post this in the wrong topic?

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I was meant to send this in #general

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It has been moved to #meta as it has something to do with the forum :)

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