TL2 Problems

I have had the stats for TL2 for a few months now after contacting an admin about it. He said to wait and it will change but itself but it hasn’t. Today i spent a day at KMKL and wanted to post in #real-world-aviationbut couldnt so I need to know why I havent changed to yet.

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You need to be more active if you really want to get to TL2, also, please move this to #meta.

As for your TL, you have to be active over a period of weeks, and not active just for a few days at a time.

I don’t know who you contacted but the requirements for TL2 are not released, keep liking and reacting!

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I’d recommend giving these topics a read. The requirements for Trust Levels here are different from what they’re stated on the standard discourse. Welcome to the community and continue to thrive!