TL2 Posts - please stop.

Hi there!

There have been a LOT of posts regarding “How do I get to TL2” and “What are the requirements”.
Now, please take a moment to read this, as it’s important and this has been very annoying.

1. The Requirements

First, if you are ever expecting specific requirements for TL2, that’s unfortunately undisclosed. And if you didn’t know this, it’s most likely because you didn’t take some time and the little effort to read some posts about it. Joining the community the first time is not about straight out spamming posts, it’s about reading tutorials/posts, and then post whatever you think fits the forum the most.

2. The Spam

For all TL1 users posting topics about “how to get tl2”, PLEASE STOP! It’s very annoying and it doesn’t even make sense to keep replying with the same contents to the same things over and over again
Calmly search up for a topic “how to get tl2” and i’m 95% sure that 1 single answer there will answer all your question.

3. Laziness

5-8 minutes of reading won’t kill you. Instead, you’ll get some knowledge out of it, and you will understand the forum just that 50% more and you’ll already be off to a good start, instead of posting a hundred, half a thousand or even a million posts about something that was answered over a hundred times rather than have people answer to the same questions over and over again.

4. The Moral/Summary

In the end, it is worth to take a little bit of maturity and lack of laziness with you, so that you read a bit and learn something about the community before posting things about this and that that have been answered a lot of times.

What do you guys think?

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Did you just see @Tim_B’s post and just decide you wanted one yourself?

Also, the posts pinned at the top of #meta have this explained pretty well.


That’s about Training Server, not Trust Levels…

Also, not all people take time to click categories > meta.

Same concept, both about annoying posts on the forum

And that just proves you’ve read the Training Server post by saying what it’s about🤨


Read what?


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Dude, that’s about the training server

I’m not sure how many people will find this post over clicking through categories

Well, we also send them this article:

And this:

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Ok, yes, that is very similar to this, but it doesn’t seem like people are stopping to post these kinds of topics, are they?

This is like a reminder.