TL2 Level still hasn't arrived for me.

I’ve done everything that the said to do. Is there anything else i need to do.

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The IFC isn’t about reaching a number quota. It’s about being an active member of the community. :)
Each discourse is different with different quotas. The IFC doesn’t give out numbers because we want people to be engaging and active instead of hitting numbers.


Hi there,
Please see this topic:

Note the requirements have been tweaked so members don’t just focus on numbers.
Like, reply, and be a productive user and you’ll be there in no time! :)

Here are some more topics to help you get started-


The discourse requirements don’t necessarily mean you will get TL2 here, I know that FDS changed some of the requirements. You will be right on the cusp of promoting, so stick around, keep contributing like you have been and you will meet TL2 in the very near future!

Back when I was your TL (and I say this in the nicest possible way, and hopefully with some humor.) I was feeling the same way. But I quickly discovered from help with the Mods and Regulars, that (as @MrMrMan said) the IFC is not about numbers. Being granted TL2 comes with a lot of privileges. FDS have modified Discourse’s requirements to suit their needs. So, as they say, keep replying and liking posts and you’ll be there in no time.