TL2 issue'

hi everyone, I’m still in TL1 at the moment, but I just completed all the things I need to complete to get to TL2 and am still TL1. i. need. help.

The Discourse requirements are not the same as the IFC’s. This is to prevent farming. Stay active, contribute to the community in a positive manner, and most importantly, be friendly!

I encourage you to check out this post by Misha as well.


Hi, if you’re comparing to discourse’s ones - they are tweaked on IFC and are kept secret in Schyllberg’s closet to prevent TL farming. Misha was fortunate to have a peak on them and he told us everything he knows about them here:


Requirements that are listed on discourse are different than the ones that are on the IFC, please remember to just keep posting, stay active, and it’ll surprise you one day


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