TL2 but can’t post in TL2 tags like features

Read the title, I can’t post

Well this goes in #meta

Also you are not TL2 when you get to the forum you are TL0 and then TL1 (which you are at now) and then after lots of commitment and hard work you become TL2. If you are even more active you can become TL3 (Regular) so you can’t post in those categories because you are not TL2

You haven’t got the TL2 badge appear on your profile yet. You are TL2 though, just wait a short while and it should sort itself out.

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I am trust level 2, I got a message

You don’t get a message saying you are TL2. It shows up in your notifications

What? I got a message saying I am TL2 from system

If you did, do you mind sending a screenshot

Sometimes it takes a bit for the system to catch up if you actually did get the message. Just hang tight. :)


You do get a message from the system.

Rather than confusing each other, just wait a few hours for the system to catch up with your TL, and you’ll be able to post in no time. Same thing happened to me and my TL3.


I suggest closing out the IFC and trying then, if not, log out of the IFC then log back in and see.

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Hmm, guess you can just wait until it actually catches up with itself

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Ok I’ll just wait it out then

It appears now on your profile. When you get message, don’t immediately start trying to do TL2 features, just let it process through, wait 5 minutes after the system message.

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On our side you are showing as a Member however there is likely a slight delay. Your public profile is showing as Basic for me. Refresh your browser and if that doesn’t work try logging out of your account then sign back in.

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A little strange, but I can see it. But I agree, just a little delay :DStrange

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Thanks all

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Don’t worry, you’ll be a member soon. It takes time for Discourse to process stuff, especially with big community databases.

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Ok, I’ll wait it out

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Have you tried logging out and back in? Reboot?

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