TL2: Automatic or Manual

Hello, I was just wondering if becoming TL2 is automatic after reaching requirements or do you have to be manually changed by moderators? Because according to the discourse TL guide I’m supposed to be TL2 by now but I’m not for some reason. Thank you in advance.

IFC has some different margins. The rules to getting to TL2 are different.

Do you know them by any chance? because I was directed to that guide through a post made by a moderator to explain trust levels.

Hello @hass.ik! The requirements of getting to TL2 on the IFC are different from the ones which you have seen. It is, however automatic once you reach these requirements. Just keep posting, liking and replying with helpful stuff and you will be there in no time at all!

Here is the link to a topic from Misha:

Why have I not reach trust level (X)? - Meta / Forum Guide - Infinite Flight Community


Yes, it is. TL3 and 4 are manual.


To answer this question, Infinite Flight likes to keep the trust level requirements private, so as to not have users gaming the system to achieve a higher trust level since trust levels are not what this community is all about.


The following information is not from me, and I don’t take credit for it:

Requirements Are Different to Discourse Defaults

The Discourse trust level requirements are different from those we have on here. Our requirements are generally higher due to a more active forum, and we want to make sure people are inputting over time before being promoted. You will not meet our trust level requirements if you meet the Discourse ones for most grades.

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That’s not disclosed.


TL2 is automatic. Our requirements are different and have been adjusted to meet the specifics of our forum.