TL1 manually locked because of suspension?

Hi, I have recently gotten a suspension, and with TL2 stats, I am not being promoted. (I posted another thread similar to this, but it was closed) I am wondering if because I have received this suspension, my TL is manually locked to Level 1. I do not want to come off as whiny at all, just trying to figure out what’s going on. Thanks everyone!


The moderator has most likely locked your trust level in the admin settings of your account, same has happened to me. Best thing you can do is be a civilized community member, make meanigful posts.
Doing this will make a lasting impression on not only the moderators but on the peers, as they see improvement on your behaviour im sure they will promote you as they will see improvement.
Hope this answers your question, warm regards, 305…


I would suggest if that is done by a mod that the member should by advised via PM or system notification.

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What do you mean? Should I PM a mod?

Never hurts to ask. You are owed an explanation. GL

PMing a mod about being locked isn’t going to help to be honest, I highly doubt they’ll unlock straight away. Just contribute and as @Chief305 stated, work your way to convincing them that you are ready for the next Trust Level. Show them that you’ve changed.

Contribute, contribute, and contribute. Respect, respect, and respect. Be mature, more mature, and more mature. Keep doing that and you might get a chance of coming back up to TL2. Kind regards