TKVA Staff Hire!


Hello everyone!

Here are our updates on TKVA!

We have gone through a couple staff changes and we are seeking YOUR help!!! @Cpt_Bosnia is the TKVA CEO and @Ethan_Lee1 is the COO. We have a few holes we need to fill in for TKVA!

  • Events Manager - Open
  • Events Manager - Open
  • Social Media/Designer - Open
  • Head of Internal/External Affairs - Open
  • Routes Manager - Open


  • Grade 3+
  • Landing/Violation ration can’t be failed
  • Have to have a Valid IF Pro Subscription
  • IF Account must be stable (Meaning that you don’t have too many violations/blacklists)

If you wish to help TKVA you will need to join our discord server below and create a ticket. Once made please state the position you would like to do and we will continue from there! ( Turkish Virtual )

Benjamin Atić

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Yes I was given permission and we are already a certified Virtual Airline

Good afternoon,
If I’m not mistaken, I think the official thread to request for staff can be found here:


Edit: See Ecoops’s response down below →

Thats for VA’s that are in the approval process I’m pretty sure

I believe this topic would come under promotional content in ‘other topics’. You would be perfectly fine posting this within your own thread.

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