TK_ARMY_NZ's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys i will be open and want to get better at doing ATC so come along if you want might be open for like 30 mins but also there is ATC at YMML too


Runway 25 and 16R are open 16L is closed untill it gets busy

I’ll come by. First tip for IFATC: always use all available runways, as stated in the manual :)


Just a quick question: are you planning on applying for IFATC?


hmmm still thinking about whys that give us your honest feedback i want to learn

I’ll come down

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I think my self still need to learn some things but also whats Transition again?

leave your guys feeback Thanks for coming leave your thoughts behind also i will be looking at opening more airports around Aus and Nz but plz leave your feedback so i can be better

Alright. I would suggest you to take a look at the tutorial videos on youtube:
These are always very helpfull to get the basics correct. Take a good look at these particular things:

  • Takeoff clearance (you should give ‘make right/left traffic’ when someone asks to stay in the pattern)
  • Sequencing and clearing
  • Runway exit commands

To anwer your question above: when an aircraft asks for transition, they want to fly trough your airspace, but without the intention of landing. You should give them an save altitude to fly over your airspace, which you can calculate with this: Airport elevation + normal pattern height (1000ft for GA, 1500 for jets) and 1000ft for seperation. For example: LTAC (Ankara) has an elevation of 3125 feet. To get the right transition altitude you can use the formula: 3125 + 1500 (pattern height) + 1000ft (seperation) = 5625. Round this up to the next 500, will give you an transition altitude of 6000.


Hey bro Thanks sorry yea i should of gave you a Clearance also how do you used the runway exit commands i try to find it

also yea Thanks i thought so

The tutorials on youtube will give you the answers on that. Altough some videos are old, they are still very helpfull. Please take a few hours to watch them and take notes of the most important things. These will all help you get the basics right.


okay Thanks

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Hey, nice controlling, here’s my feedback.

  • Wrong transition, transition should be airport altitude + 2500, rounded up to nearest 500 as said above

  • I needed a pattern entry before being cleared for the option

  • For an inbound aircraft or an aircraft switching runways, you need to specify left or right traffic after the first pattern

  • I also needed a pattern entry for runway change

I recommend having a look at the ATC manual and the tutorials on YouTube, they will help you a lot. Hopefully you can improve on some of these areas and I look forward to when you’ll be open next :)


Hey Oli Thanks mate yeah i really need to watch them sorry guys for that but cheers for your guys feedback like Thank you also whats the runway exit commands wheres that


Open at NZWN Runway 16 for take offs and landings

Hey, if you’re interested in applying for IFATC, I reccomend opening an airport with parallel runways, such as KFLL or EDDT. It will benefit your controlling heaps instead of opening an airport with one runway. Just my two cents


Hey mate Thanks will do

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