TK_ARMY_NZ's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Kia Ora guys which means Hello in New Zealand i want to get better at ATC and then hope to be doing it on Expert Sever so Tonight or this morning where ever you are i am doing ATC at OMDB in Training Sever. Plz Follow Atc rules and also comment your thoughts on my ATC. It will help Thanks
Departure and Arrival on Runway- 30L and 30R
Cheers Tray

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Kia Ora!

Welcome to the tracking threads, hope this will be a good experience for you and!

I will try to come along the day, notifying 30 mins before I spawn and will try to give the most appropriate feedback!

See there!

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Kia Ora mate its going good here i shoul still be up when you come

Might drop by now

Lots of people here which is good

Kia Ora guys i will be closing in 10 mins

Hello again fellow Kiwi,

I was New Zealand 222

Just a few simple things I noticed,

  • Response to ALL calls were a bit delayed
  • Exit runway call was made way too late as I was already off the runway when you called.
  • I’m not to sure if you told the Boeing 737 to giveway to me once I left the runway as my wing hit his nose. But a giveway command to him would’ve been good to avoid the collision.

Good Luck, I hope we can both get to Expert Server someday soon.


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Kia Ora mate i agree with some but some i don’t but yes also that 737 did his own thing also plz can you follow my ground rules next time and also taxi on the taxi way Thanks tho have a good day

Any ways guys i am off for the Night Thanks to you all who came i should be online tomorrow in New Zealand but cheers from Tray.

Hey you need to change the title to @ N/A

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