TK 186 From Istanbul to Melbourne via Singapore

I did a flight from istanbul to Melbourne via Singapore with a Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. 1st leg cruise: FL320 2nd leg cruise: FL360
First leg was about 11 hours and after landing I waited about 3 hours on the ground in Singapore before Taking off again and flying 7 more

Takeing off from İstanbul airport

Landing in Singapore at RW 02L (it was really dark I made it day so the photo would be better)

Rotating from Singapores RW02C (again it was really dark when I took off)

And finally after 22 hours after taking off from İstanbul I landed in Melbourne

Thanks for reading


hey, nice pics. unfortunately you cant have anything such as the time stamps, showing in the screenshots. remove them and these would make some great photos


Oh alright then I’ll cut them out