TJMZ 3D Progress

From MAZ only fly to SJU via the 208.

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Sorry, I’m not invited in airport editor yet but why need remove that arrows? Isn’t gives more details on airport/runway layout than nothing or blank

Because they are strictly not allowed.

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I think need more specific for a reason to understand more 🤔

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Well I honestly cannot remember the exact reason, I just remember it is not allowed. I am assuming it is to do with the number of nodes and objects, but could be another reason, not entirely sure.

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v0.5 Changelog:
Just a minor update, I’ve snapped all the lines with the pavement… some areas of the parking unsnapped and looked awful. For now no screenshot of the work as it was nothing new added, just rework. I had to redo the pavement in order to make it counterpart to its real world. I’m still will wait for request another PR because there’s work to do on the main terminal, gates and take a good look onto the parking mostly. I hope have a Official Review at v0.9 or v1.0.

Patiently waiting for BQN, PSE and of course, SJU

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SJU is being worked on by @Rob_M… his thread: Coming Soon🏝
SIG is being worked on by @Carlos_J
BQN and PSE doesn’t have anyone working on it but I’m eager to work on these two, for now I need to finish MAZ to start other airport to work on.


If somoone want to help me on TJIG feel free to ask permission to te IFAET moderators.
Thank you.

In case if the actual arrows on displaced thresholds are added automatically to runways in a near future, this would create conflict with the lines added manually. Furthermore, the taxiline tools weren’t designed to add this kind of markings, only and strictly for taxiline markings where airplanes normally taxi on.

This rule also applies to the stopway arrows (if the runway has them) and the yellow strip lines on the taxiway borders for example (with few exceptions which are rarely granted).


Hi folks! TJMZ is closer to satisfy the last PR.
Today I’ve been working on the airport since morning, I will share the new updates: @Teized


v0.6 Changelog
Changed the first building right of the main terminal. Added a start location on the second hangar. The larger parking section left side of the MAZ is added the lines of parkings, no intention on add more detail as this location is closed IRL.


v0.7 Changelog
Runway 9/27 work is completed, erased the arrows on the 9 threshold as it’s not allowed. PAPi lights set up correctly, VOR set up correctly, taxiways A1,A2,A3,A4 named and classified, 2 taxiways are deleted as there’s not there right now and taxiway connector is fixed.

The v0.8 changelog will be entirely on the spawn gates, terminal and parking improvements and request PR. On v0.9 will review that PR and if it’s possible send it to OR.


Looking fantastic! 👏🏻

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I understand now, thanks for this information! 👍🏼

v0.9 Changelog
TJMZ is ready for OR! Here are the results, final product may vary.


Awesome Job! Love the results!

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Thought IF was about being realistic down to the tiniest detail, I guess not?

It will, but with rework of airplanes, expert server upgrades can take time tho. I do trust that will happen one day hopefully.

It’s getting really good ;)

hahaha I got you, nevertheless I prefer IF for the community that these folks build up by the time.