Tjcp landing takes you into the mountains

Landing here following glide takes you into the mountains for a crash

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to fly around the mountain.


Which runway is it?

Runway. 13

On the airport remarks it does say that there is a 480ft hill 2200ft from the end of the runway. I suppose you’ll have to fly over it like they do at TNCM.

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And here’s a video of an actual landing there:


Ahhh yes the infamous Culebra airport. I am actually from Puerto Rico and have heard of this airport numerous times. There is not an issue with the glide path rather an issue with how the pilot is flying it. The typical approach is somethings like this:

You enter as if you were in base position and commence your turn to final once the mountain has been cleared. In other words one must fly through the side of the mountain and commence your turn to final. The video @DiamondGaming4 sent perfectly shows the approach to the airport. I plan on flying to they airport with my flight instructor some day 🤞

I have cockpit view video of this approach IRL but I can’t send it so PM me if you want to see it.

Fun fact: This airport is typically used to train pilots to fly the St.Barths approach (the one in which one lands above the beach and not the mountain.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me!
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I have landed here as well and have video, looking for it .
Issue i find is very little room in the simulator from the mountain to the runway . Try it

That’s how it is in real life though.

Have you tried in the simulator

Infinte Flights scenery can be quite strange at times. It’s diffucult to locate depth and height due to how the scenery is published. Simply following the glide path ain’t gonna help. If you have little room try to make sharper turns like in the video. I understand that it’s hard to analyze how the terrain is by try to find a way.

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Ok, I flew the approach. Yes, it’s very close to the runway, but if you do what the guy in the video said (fly slow and low over the hill) it’s actually doable.

Don’t forget to check out the approach charts for the airport as well as these will tell you how it’s done in real life!

I already looked, and there are none :/

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Don’t forget to check out the approach charts for the airport as well as these will tell you how it’s done in real life!

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